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Exotics at Alpio's - December 17, 2022 

     A stunning display of exclusively exotic and invitational vehicles. Alpio's at Troon served as the perfect show venue, packed with automotive memorabilia and even a few exotics of their won, matching the comradery of the clientele. Entries were selected on an application and acceptance basis, shaping up to be an extremely rare, eye watering collection of modern exotics. Until next show, only the imagination can picture what a truly shocking scene Exotics at Alpio's created.

Until next time!

21st century Car Show - June 4, 2022 

The 5th Annual

     Over 100 of the finest exotic, luxury, and muscle cars graced the streets of downtown Prescott, generating a uniquely breathtaking sight. With special appearances from Chip Foose and Rick DeBruhl, the comradery matched the quality of showmanship, which was a tall order considering the multi-million dollar collection parked on Cortez & Goodwin. Thanks to the support of our various show sponsors, participants, and spectators the 5th annual 21st Century Car Show continued to set trends and turn heads, fostering a legacy that will last into the foreseeable future.  

Keep those rides clean!

Redline Rally - March 12, 2022 

     On March 12th 50 vehicles lined up to conquer the beautiful backroads near Phoenix, AZ. Launching at high noon, Corvettes, Vipers, and Porsches alike hightailed it through snow capped hills to Payson for a quick fuel stop. With full tanks and pine scented air fresheners hanging from the mirror, we then traveled from Payson to Phoenix, specifically to High St. to indulge in casual dinning after a full day on the road. 

Always a pleasure!