The 21st Century


- Dec. 19th, 2020

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The 21st Century Rally - Sep. 26th, 2020

Prescott's exotic & luxury car rally proved that cars are meant to be driven after completing 190 miles of Northern Arizona's best driving roads. 103 cars traveled from downtown Prescott to Ash Fork, then County Park in Flagstaff, followed by a scenic cruise down Oak Creek Canyon into Sedona. Just a quick run from there to lunch in Old Town Cottonwood, then regrouped in Clarkdale to climb over Jerome back to Prescott. After 6 hours of spirited pack driving, the 21st Century Rally reminded all that cars of the 21st Century are made to be driven.


State Record: Largest Independent (Non-Sponsored) Car Rally in the history of the State of Arizona


Until we make the run again...

       - The 21st Century Crew

21st Century Car Show -June 6th 2020 

 Prescott's exotic car show featured OVER $7 Million worth of cars, ranging from stock, to custom, to import masterpieces. It was not only a SOLD OUT show, but the weather in downtown Prescott was a breezy 77 degrees. A total of 6 "people's vote" awards were given out, in addition to 6 judged awards, which is quite unfortunate considering each and every car was plenty deserving of an award. Thank you to all who participated, and if you'd like to join our future events be sure to subscribe to our list  at the bottom of the page so you can be included in all updates and happenings! Until next time...

      - The 21st Century Crew

The Whole Route - HWY-89, I-40, HWY-89A

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